Cozumel, the wonderful land of 1000 swallows!

The goddess Ix Chel gives life to Cozumel…


Inhabited since the 3rd century by Mayan groups from the Guatemalan Petén, connoisseurs of agriculture and architecture decided to settle on this island.

Around the 8th century, a new wave of Chontal Mayans from the Yucatecan Peninsula and dedicated to trade and navigation made the island of Cozumel an important point on their routes to Central America.

These groups brought new forms of social organization and new architectural styles to the island, which have been found in the area of ​​Santa Rita and San Gervasio, another important factor that this island inherited was the worship of the goddess Ix Chel, goddess of the moon, fertility and birth, making the island of swallows its main sanctuary and giving birth to the pilgrimage of the entire Mayan world to Cozumel, which to date is carried out from the port of Xcaret through a sumptuous and colorful journey of characters perfectly dressed in their traditional clothing and in canoes of the epoch.

In 1518 the first Spaniard landed on the Mexican island, calling it Santa Cruz de la Puerta Latina and later the first Christian mass would be held.

A year later Gonzalo Guerrero who had already adopted the Mayan culture given his shipwreck in 1511, his subsequent captivity in Yucatan by the Mayans, and after several years he was released thanks to saving his master’s life during an alligator attack, he dedicated himself to teaching the Mayans the arts of war practiced by the Spaniards, later he acquired the rank of Nacom (chief of warriors) when he married princess Zazil Há with whom he had 3 children, thus beginning the miscegenation in Mexico.

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We are not only a paradise for cruises, good food and our cultural heritage, take a look and you will see that the best of us is underwater…

500 years since we conquered the world!


This 2018 Cozumel celebrates 500 years since the Spanish set foot on our lands, and they not only arrived, they fell in love to such a degree that they stayed here and now everyone is welcome to share this jewel and to show a button.

We invite you to visit Chankanaab (small sea in Mayan), a national park and refuge for the flora and fauna of Cozumel, here you can practice snorkeling or diving, delighting with its underwater sculptures. Cha’an Ka’an (observe the sky in Mayan) an observatory where you can learn about the legacy of the Mayan culture on astronomy.

San Gervasio, an archaeological zone that was the sanctuary of the goddess Ixchel and the final place of pilgrimages from the entire Mayan world.

San Miguel, in its museum you can find the stories of the exciting history of the region.

South point where the Celarain lighthouse is located and one of the best beaches on the island, in this, which is the largest ecological reserve in Cozumel, you can take a boat tour through the Colombia lagoon to admire the wildlife of the place.

The Palancar Reef is one of the many places to practice diving in the Great Belt of Reefs of the Western Atlantic, the second largest coral formation in the world, second only to the Great Australian Barrier Reef.

Paraíso, La Herradura, Punta Tunich, Paseos del Cedral, Tormentos, Santa Rosa among others offer you snorkeling or diving for all levels of lovers of this sport, whether you are a beginner and want to take impressive photos of your visit, or if you are professional and you want to know its caverns and immerse yourself in the depths of the Caribbean Sea.

Getting to Cozumel and its wonders is as easy as taking a ferry in Playa del Carmen and in 40 minutes you will be on the Island of Cozumel.

We invite you to enjoy this adventure along with a delicious fresh fish or a traditional ceviche and the drink of your choice. in its specialized restaurants or by the sea, while you share your experiences with your family and friends.


Diving is one of the experiences that we know you enjoy with your partner and if what you want afterwards is to relax and enjoy a romantic evening, Cozumel is the right place, you will find that magical place that reminds us why the goddess Ixchel decided this island as a sanctuary for the love.

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