Isla Mujeres, the 2nd great sanctuary to Ix-Chel



Isla Mujeres is located 14 kilometers from Cancun in the Mexican Caribbean, the ancient Mayans considered this island as a sanctuary of the goddess Ixchel, goddess of the moon, love and fertility, which is why the Mayans, mainly women They made this pilgrimage at least once in their lives, during these visits it was customary to leave female figures as offerings on the island’s beaches.

When the Spanish arrived around the year 1517, they found a large number of these female figures, which is why they named it Isla Mujeres. 

Vestiges of a temple dedicated to this deity have been found on the southern tip of the island, both here and on the island of Cozumel ritual journeys are carried out every year as a remembrance of this ancient culture.




After the conquest, this island was used as a refuge by pirates such as Pierre and Jean Lafitte who sailed in these waters chasing the wealth that the Spaniards transported in their ships from the coasts of the new continent.

Another unique character who settled on the island was Fermín Antonio Mundaca y Marecheaga, a pirate, mercenary and slave trader, tells the story that after confronting the British army, the famous pirate took refuge on this island, where he fell in love with a native woman for whom he built a hacienda with large and colorful gardens. 

Arcos, La Trigueña, as the lady to whom he dedicated his work on the island was known, never lived with him and today you can still see the ruins of the so-called Hacienda Mundaca and an empty grave in the cemetery, since this character He died in Mérida, far away from his beloved and his island.


The reverberations, the abysses, the flight of birds that come out of your mouth and take us to that island of smoke and music will occur on the eve.



In Isla Mujeres you can give free rein to your senses, with its multicolored Caribbean charm, with its music and its typical gastronomy of the place, from your departure in Cancun, Puerto Juárez or Punta Sam you will find the wonder that is to navigate these turquoise waters, Whether it’s a catamaran, ferry or ferry, we know you’ll enjoy the journey.

Arriving on the island you can walk through the streets of the center where you will find an endless number of rustic shops and cozy restaurants for all tastes. 

Punta Norte is the best-known beach in Isla Mujeres, here you can enjoy the sun and the beach accompanied by your favorite drink.

To the south of the island is the turtle farm, where the state government takes care of various species of turtles because some of them these species are in danger of extinction, beyond is the garrafón park, an ecological zone of the island where you can enjoy zip lines, swimming pools, one of the most impressive natural reefs in the area, swimming with dolphins and other activities.

Throughout the island there are beach clubs, each with its own unique style, but all bathed in good service and a relaxed atmosphere.

There is so much to do that the day will seem short, so we invite you to stay with us and enjoy our romantic nights on the shore of the beach.



The city feels cold, it senses that a misfortune will fall on its town, because there are clouds they cannot see the moon. They believe that the goddess is upset with them, maddened they paint her faces blue, light torches and leave their houses in a frenzy dance in her honor. She listens to them, they are her children and she wakes up from the spell. She hastily reaches the foot of the temple, ascends the steps, her mantle kisses the cold stone, flooding everything in her path with light. Upon reaching the top, the goddess detaches from the Earth and rises to go to rest in the firmament. The exhausted dancers return to their homes satisfied, the light has returned, the fear of the wrath of their gods has disappeared.

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