Playa del Carmen, enjoyable the old Xaman-Há!

Where does this wonder come from…


Playa del Carmen, the ancient Xaman-Há (northern water in the Mayan language) was the obligatory step for the Mayans of the region on their pilgrimages to venerate the goddess Ixchel, goddess of love, gestation, water, the moon and the medicine, which had its sanctuary on the island of Cuzamil, now the island of Cozumel, once a year the Mayans, both men and women, left in canoes from the port of Polé, today Xcaret, to ask the goddess for her favors, this event It is still carried out from the Xcaret park, which has kept this tradition alive to the delight of our visitors.

Later, during the Spanish invasion, this area was not very important since only two founded towns are registered, that of Salamanca, in the place today known as Xel-Ha, and that of Xaman-Há founded by Alonso Dávila, landowner of Francisco de Montejo.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a gum company from Yucatan managed to obtain permits for the exploitation of forest resources in the area, thus arriving the first settlers of the current era. Until 1980 Playa del Carmen was a small fishing village with no more than 1000 inhabitants.

Rest and tranquility or party and romance, or all!


Playa del Carmen has a great offer for your accommodation, from houses and apartments for rent by season, hostels or hotels of all categories, to the most exclusive and private developments in the Riviera Maya, once you have stayed it is time to plan where If you want to start getting to know this destination, as essential places you should consider visiting eco-tourism parks such as Xcaret, the most famous park in the region for its unlimited natural resources, Xel-há, another jewel of nature and for adventurers there is the Xplor park that has huge zip lines, impressive underground rivers and off-road vehicles, among other attractions.

The Riviera Maya also has spectacular open and underground cenotes that we know you will love since in the Caribbean a good dive into fresh water is one of the experiences that you should not miss, the beaches of our destination are protected by environmental laws, therefore that you will find white sands, crystal clear waters and the warm Caribbean sun that shines most of the year.

La felicidad consiste en vivir cada día como si fuera el primer día de tu luna de miel o el último día de tus vacaciones en la Riviera Maya.

The nightlife of Playa del Carmen is a mixture of traditional bars and restaurants with a wide range of the best international cuisines.

It all starts with a walk along the famous 5th Avenue, which is where most of the shops, restaurants and nightclubs are concentrated.

from the place, after shopping and an exquisite meal enjoying the sunset, nightclubs and discos await us with the latest from the world hit parade, here the contemporary atmosphere merges with the traditional Mexican Caribbean style that has made it so famous.

Given Playa del Carmen and the entire Riviera Maya, we invite you to visit unique places like Playa Mamitas where different activities take place throughout the year, such as the Jazz Festival in November, the Corona Elements festival in September or its well-known carnival in february Playa Maroma, Río Secreto and a long, long etcetera.


We offer you a walk along the beach to La Luz de la Luna, a romantic dinner by the sea and later enjoy a fine bottle of Champagne with your partner in the Jacuzzi of your bungalow. We only need you. We have so much to offer you and your partner that we can't wait to share this and so much more...

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