Guía Cancún Tours
Guía Cancún Tours
Guía Cancún Tours
Guía Cancún Tours


During the colony it was considered 'The Key to the Gulf and Antemural of the Indies' The Island of Cuba due to its strategic geographical position, was one of the most important cities of the Kingdom of Spain in the new world.

De tradiciones diversas vinculadas a leyendas apasionantes, la gente de Cuba inspira confianza y trasmite alegría. Desinhibido y con los sueños como guía, el Cubano hace del hecho más insignificante un suceso para no olvidar. No hay como una velada a orillas de su litoral, sentado en el Malecón Habanero, compartiendo con los amigos o la pareja un clásico mojito con un excelente abano y ver la puesta del sol y aspirar la paz que transmite los mogotes en Pinar del Rio, indisolublemente ligado al alma de esta isla marinera y apasionada. With the arrival of the night, Havana is transformed. Lights and people merge in an amalgamation of colors and bustle. Theaters, discos and nightclubs are part of an indescribable spectacle. And Havana becomes special, being musical and danceable, cheerful and host of fun and art.

And along with entertainment, the visitor is shown a richness to savor Havana: bars, cafeterias and restaurants, places with captivating legends, where typical drinks and Creole and stylized food provide one more fact that this versatile and cosmopolitan, it has returned to once again enchant the entire world.

Welcome to Cuba where we will treat you like family!

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